Sunday, December 6, 2020

Jokers With People of Color

 These jokers feature people of color. It's a broad category.  I’ll start by listing some are related categories either because they could be subcategories  but were so numerous so they got their own section or because they are parallel groups (ethnicities or regions or nationals).  Here are the others:

Jokers with People of Color

I put jokers in this category more according to my joker collecting rules than any attempt to use this umbrella term - “people of color” - properly. As you can see from the list above, there are other categories such as Native Americans or Chinese which have their own sections. This section has jokers featuring people from Africa or their descendants, India, the Middle East, or the South Pacific

I’d like to say that I’m proud that this fall (2020), the American card collectors organization (which I belong to), 52 Plus Joker, featured Rory Rennick as a speaker at their annual conference. Rory spoke about the racist history of cards and how the images on cards reflected and amplified racist views. He also has articles published on this topic. I recommend his materials:

Onto the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

 These jokers feature people of color. It's a broad category.  There are other related or parallel categories. Sections are created largely by the number of jokers that I have that fit. Here are the others:

On a related topic, the World of Playing Cards describes a beautiful Ethiopian deck. And Rory Rennick has (I need to find  references to his writings online).

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