Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Topsy Animal Jokers

 These jokers are two-headed, otherwise known as mirrored, full duplex, reversible,  or topsy turvies. This section features animals. There are currently (7/2022) 68 different topsy animal jokers in the albums.

The jokers in the top right and left below are from the Time4Learning / Vkidz deck that I designed (with Juliana) for my company. The middle row middle spot joker below is from an Alan Beard deck. The middle row far left and right are from a promotional deck by a company called GoNoodle. Of course, the bottom left and right are characters from Monsters Inc by Pixar.

The topsy turvy section has subsections that mirror the overall organization:

    1. Animals - 40 - THIS Article
    2. Card Themed - 52
    3. Music - 35
    4. Ladies & Masks - 28
    5. Jesters and clowns 65
    6. People -61
    7. Things - 32
And there are the other animals sections (NOT topsy turvy) to check out
    Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
    Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
    1. Cats  or  Dogs 
    2. Flyers: Bees, Birds, Owls, Dragons etc 
    3. Horses , zebras, donkeys ...
    4. Monkeys, bears, and others with paws 
    5. Animals with antlers, horns, and tusks
    6. Reptiles, amphibians, sea creatures  

    7. Lastly, here’s the section of extra jokers for trading. 

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