Sunday, January 8, 2023

Jokers Advertising Beer

 Beer. Cards are a great place to advertise beer.

What would I like? How kind of you to ask.  I'd like a nice slow pour Guiness, thank you. Cold or warm. 

One reason that I love Guiness is that it's so so good for me.  BTW, I've been to the Guiness factory. Hallowed Ground. (I wonder if I can find the pictures)


And here are all the ensemble shots of beer jokers. There's a little over 30.

Sometimes, like on this next page, a few snack foods have snack in with the beer jokers. Sounds good to me.

Did that wet your appetite to see more advertising jokers? Here's some choices.
  1. Casinos 
  2. Cigarettes,  Liquor, Beer, Text jokers for drinks 
  3. Desserts and Candy 
  4. Coca Cola Jokers      
  5. Cars 
  6. Public Interest Messages, space science and technology
  7. Logo type jokersGeometric Designs Jokers featuring "Joker" 
  8. Ads         Text based jokers
  9. Jokers promoting playing cards , Ads for brands of playing cards
Or if you'd like a change, how about the jokers which are symmetrical along the Y axis. Full duplex.  Two headed. The Topsy Turvy jokers.


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