Sunday, January 8, 2023

Jokers Advertising Liquor

 Advertising with decks of cards is a big good idea. And advertising liquor on cards is a particularly good fit. Here's my favorite jokers with liquor ads on them.

Have you ever drank absinthe? I have.
Have you opened a bottle the absinthe and not finished it that same evening?  I have not (although not alone).
Have you ever walked into a spooky cave-like absinthe bar on the southern coast of France and felt an opium-den like vibe that was exotic, seductive, timeless, and somewhat terrifying?   I have.

Du du du bonnet! It's a fortified wine (like port, sherry, and vermouth)

Anybody remember the Dubonnet ads: "Du Du Dubonnet"? I sort of do. But not entirely.

Those were the good old days. Les beaux vieux temps!

Here are the ensemble shots. There's over 100 jokers celebrating (advertising) liquor. Sept 2023.


Did that wet your appetite to see more advertising jokers? Here's some choices.
  1. Casinos 
  2. Cigarettes,  Liquor, Beer, Text jokers for drinks 
  3. Desserts and Candy 
  4. Coca Cola Jokers      
  5. Cars 
  6. Public Interest Messages, space science and technology
  7. Logo type jokersGeometric Designs Jokers featuring "Joker" 
  8. Ads         Text based jokers
  9. Jokers promoting playing cards , Ads for brands of playing cards
Or if you'd like a change, how about the jokers which are symmetrical along the Y axis. Full duplex.  Two headed. The Topsy Turvy jokers.

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