Sunday, December 11, 2022

Map Jokers

 Here's an update of my map jokers. Let's start with Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Pyramids, sphinx, and all that...

Here's a joker with maps of some shipping routes between South America, West Africa, and New Orleans or NOLA as it is sometimes known.
/A joker with a map of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australian just waiting to be colored in. (Yes, it' by Crayola, the crayon people).

The Joker below is from Baraja AMERICA by Teodoro N. Miciano, and published by Heraclio Fournier, 1960. The posting of it by Adam West-Watson on the Facebook Joker Collectors Page was what inspired me to update this page. Thanks.

Here are the ensemble shots of jokers.  You might notice that in the top row middle, there is a non-map joker. It is sort of a heraldry joker and for the moment, I have heraldry mixed in with the maps. But I also have some flags and other heraldry jokers mixed in with European travel so I still have some sorting and organizational work to do (no rest for the weary).

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