Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Real People: Politicians

Jokers with political figures on them is a section inside the Real People part of the joker collection.  It starts with a George Bush Jr as the joker.

George Bush Junior Joker
George Bush Junior Joker

Here's a page with eight different George Bush Juniors on it plus one Bill Clinton because they are from the same deck and belong together.

Here's Al Franken and then Ted Kennedy.

Here's a mix of US and foreign politicians as jokers. It's Al Gore in the top row, George McGovern in the middle of hte middle row, and UK"s Margaret Thatcher in the middle of the bottom row.

This is a page of the bad boys of history. I don't like them.

 And some more political jokers.

I'm still having trouble identifying some fo these people, Take a look at this page with all its questions:  Questions about some real people jokers.

There are other related sections to come such as real people entertainers (like Elvis Jokers), sports, and other Real People.  Sign up for email updates

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