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Real People Jokers

Can you help? (updated with new info 8/2020)

I have around a gross of jokers in what I call, the real people section.  These are contemporary people on jokers. They're not cartoon characters or distant (ie Pre WWII) figures.

There are a number of familiar faces in this section that I cannot identify.  Can you? Can you help me identify who is on these jokers?

NOTE - I also posted this in the FB Joker Collectors Club. I'll post the info that I learn as I learn it.

On the right, William Buckley. Left???

David Letterman and Jay Leno

Number 3 - Late Night TV hosts?
Bill Maher on the left, 

It's Newt Gingrich on the left.   What joker on the right?
Newt Gingrich Joker on the Left. What joker is on the right?

The Real Newt Gringrich: NOT a joker

5? - The PL is for Poland but who are these people? 


This next one appears to be  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
Camilla Parker Bowl

These next two jokers are James Joyce and Nora Joyce . They come from the "Ulysses a Vaudeville James Joyce Playing Cards", published by Presage International from Monte Carlo in 1989. Designed by R. Fanto. Special thanks to Joop Muller of DXPO Playing Cards for this info.

 "The Vau-de-Ville of James Joyce's "Ulysses" encircles and condenses into a pictorial form the adventures of a single day, June 16, 1904. Each image is part of a puzzle in which past, present, future, naturalism, symbolism, reality, hallucination are superimposed ind interwoven. Mock heroic exaggeration and pomposity explode into laughter through visions, fantasies and internal monologues. Hearts are emotional. Clubs are physical. Diamonds are spiritual. Spades are symbolical. R. Fanto created the drawings and devised the scheme based on many useful hints given by Richard Ellmann, Joyce's biographer. © R. Fanto 1989"
James Joyce and Nora Joyce Jokers
James Joyce and Nora Joyce Jokers from Ulyssses a Vaudeville JJ Playing Cards

The next one is Omar Sharif. Actor. THANKS to  Karen Rivett
Don't know Omar from Funny Girl?
Omar Sharif 11

Any and all help appreciated?

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