Monday, September 18, 2017

Animal Jokers: Flyers: Bees, Birds, Owls

In my joker collection, there is a large animal section which has subdivision such as equestrians, canine, feline, and flyers.  This article is about the flying jokers, there are about 30.  Mostly birds, some insects, a butterfly or two, and some dinosaurs.  Yes, some of the birds, such as the penguins, are flightless. I don't have a swimming or sliding section for the penguins so they go with the flyers.

One of my long term favorites is the Bee Joker which I think was initially produced by Lewis Cohen and the New York Consolidated Card Company as part of the Bee 92 deck. It's a brand still published by the US Card Playing Company.   You can read the US Playing Card History of the NY Consolidated Card Company  The Bee Joker has a large bumble bee being ridden by a standing baby, dressed as a jester and holding a jester's wand or bauble.

Bee Joker by New York Consolidated Card Co.
Bee Joker by New York Consolidated Card Co.

The Bee deck with the diagonal lines on the back (pictured below) was a favorite of many magicians and gamblers because the back enabled dealing seconds or from the bottom of the deck.  

Back of Bee Decks
This peacock joker was one my early finds.  I remember buying it in the mid 1970s during a summer road trip up through New England. I bought it from an old barn in I think Vermont or New Hampshire.  Gorgeous, isn't it? I don't know if I've ever seen a second one like it.

Peacock Joker, Rare
 Peacock Joker, Rare
This rooster joker is another of my old favorites. I'm not sure of its origins, I suspect it is French since they have a thing for roosters.

Rooster Joker
Rooster Jokers

Here's one of the pages of 9 flying jokers. Notice that there are five variations of the Bee Joker. They all have the diagonal back.  One is from the New York Consolidated Card Company.  Another is from Consolidated-Dougherty, Division of The United States Playing Card Company,  There are three from the United States Playing Card Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45212.  BTW, I count them as different when there are distinct differences in design such as the name or corner elements or size of the design elements. If the only difference between cards is that one is bridge size and one is poker, I count them as duplicates, not as different.

Another nine flying playing card jokers. Two are animated stork jokers. Two are eagle designs, marked Polska (Poland). One is fine shot of a Baltimore Oriole.  Two cardinals, a bird with a worm, and may a vulture in the top left hand corner? What a collection! Counting the owl joker which is on another page, there are 28 different flying joker playing cards as of today.

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