Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pinup Girlie Porn and Erotic Jokers

It is with mixed feelings that I share some of my racier jokers. Please pardon me if these offend you or if my pun does. Of course, if this offends you, please move on. I sort of agree with you but I'm an equal opportunity joker collector.

So here are my pin-up jokers, my girlie jokers, my erotic jokers, my glamor shot joker playing cards. I have quite a large collection of porn jokers but the original post is the one that i'm sticking with which featured the Asian pinup girl jokers.

(UPDATE  I just counted and I now have 85 jokers in this section - 9/23/2017).

Lets start with one page of nine different pretty Asian girl jokers. The girls are in bikinis, pinup style.

Pretty Asian Girls in Bikinis on Jokers
Pretty Asian Girls in Bikinis on Joker Cards

And then here is one girlie joker more that is not yet in my albums.  BTW, I probably have about 50 pinup jokers and girlie jokers of different levels of artsiness, explicitness, or porn-ness.

Girl in Bikini with a Car. Joker
Girl in Bikini With a Car on a Joker

If you've made it this far, I'm assuming you are not too offended by pornographic jokers.  So, except for the hard core porn jokers, here are my girlie and pornographic playing card jokers.

Astute observers might have noticed that I removed two images from this page. After it had been up for a few days, I started wondering how the "web", I guess I mean Google, treats blogs with "explicit" images and whether, with some of my pictures, I might be triggering a series of reactions that might hurt my site.  Rather than research it, I logged in and removed two pictures which were pretty explicit images of the top half of young attractive ladies.  I'd be surprised if any of the images that I have left up trigger problems with the rating of the site by the search engines and other arbitrators of websites.  But then, what do I know?

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