Saturday, October 7, 2017

Walgreens Playing Cards: Collectables!

I've recently joined some Facebook groups where the great collectors and connoisseurs of playing cards discuss their interest. Oddly, Walgreens has been mentioned a number of times as stocking at low prices ($4 to $6 each) a number of collectable level decks of playing cards.  So while I was running errands this morning, I stopped and bought 6 decks.

Walgreens Collectable Decks
Walgreen's Collectable Decks

The first one that I opened was the Emotion deck. It features two jesters with just the headshot (so they go in the headshot portion of the collection).  Here they are, classic jesters with just a little more nuanced emotion that one might find on a typical jester.

 As part of my education about card collecting, I'm now thinking that I should keep more info on the origin of each joker. I'm not entirely sure how to do this but I'll start by using blog for record keeping. The Emotion deck box and back are pictured below. The front of the cards are all black and face cards and aces are particularly beautifully decorated.

Emotion Deck of Cards

The second box that i opened was the Aurora deck. The two topsy turvy or mirror image jokers are below followed by the box and a picture of the back.  The face cards use the classic designs but with a new color scheme and the same double frame that is on the jokers.

Can I embed a video here?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Travel Jokers

I have around 56 jokers in the travel section of the joker collection.  The first nine deal with vintage modes of transportation, starting with a steam ship joker

Ship Joker
Ship Joker
Well not exactly a classic mode of transport, this rocketman is going someplace.
RocketMan Joker
RocketMan Joker

 I don't usually show the back of jokers but I thought this one was eye catching. It's the back of the clipped ship joker just above.  The guy is dark skinned in Turkish exotic dress. She seems sort of a flapper but in a long gown with a big feather.

New York Consolidate Card Co Joker
New York Consolidate Card Co Joker
Now some train jokers
Train Jokers
Train Jokers

This looks like a military ship.

Airplane Jokers
Airplane Joker

The next 9 jokers are pictured as a group. They feature globes or balloons or are otherwise spherical.
Balloon and Globe Jokers
Balloon and Globe Jokers

 Here's a set of 9 travel jokers either with maps or scenery.
Map Jokers
Map Jokers
More travel jokers to come including ones of the great sites of the world.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Animals Miscellaneous

The large sections of the animal joker selection are the cats and dogs, horses, and flyers, this section is the forty other animal jokers, the animals miscellaneous section.  This makes them none the less beautiful or enchanting.

I'm not sure why this rabbit is coming out of an egg and what the little mystical folk behind him are doing with the acorn on a stick. I suspect it's Easter related.

While this next one might not truly belong in the animal section, I like how the hatching witch pairs with the hatching bunny before it.  Also, the boy with the gun is a perplexing twist on the small mystical creatures.  And then, there is a small turtle trying to escape the excitement. Anyone understand this scene or imagery?

This is one of my favorites since I like monkeys and there are only a few jokers where the jesters wand does not have the jester's own head. In this case, it's a human held by a monkey.  (I designed a joker with a cat and mouse holding jester wands with each others heads on it, topsy turvy)

I like giraffes. People look up to giraffes. Giraffes have friends in high places.

Have I mentioned that I like monkeys? You know I like jokers. Monkey Jokers!!!

A pharmaceutical bug?

This deer is from Cypress.  I know this because the back of the deck announces it is a Cypress tourism deck.

Someone's making a point with the trash on this buck's head. I think an environmentalist. I agree.

When I look closely at this one, it could be in the joker dog section. What do you think? I've made a note to move it.

A troubling joker for categorization. Should he be in with the bicyclists?

Were you looking for the bull and bison section? Here it is:

In this case, I've saved the best four for last. The first two are a pair from an art deck (I need to check out its origins unless someone can help me).

This monkey joker, like the monkey joker that I started this section with, is holding a bauble (or jesters wand) with a human head on it. I like jokers, I like monkeys, and I like innovations in what's on the jesters wands: I'm thrilled!!!!
monkey joker jester
monkey joker jester

And last is this gorgeous piece of art.  First its back, then the front: 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cartoon Jokers

This section features cartoon jokers.  It's a large section so I might reoganize it soon. There are already 150 jokers in the cartoon section.

The first part of the cartoon section is Batmans. It mixes both live action and cartoon Batmans. The first pair are from a joker deck, I show the back as the third image.

This is the back of the deck of the two Batmans above. Yes, it's a Joker deck.

The next two Batman jokers are a pair, the back is shown as the third image.

The back of the Batman jokers pictured above.

Another Batman followed by the back

The next pair of jokers, I think both of the Joker, are from  Harley Quinn deck, The back is shown afterwards. I think Harley Quinn is a newish (mid 90s?) character who was the Jokers girlfriend at some point.

Now we are returning to the more classic and cartoony Batmans and Jokers.

Wonder Woman, the Green Phantom, Thor, Harry Potter, and Iron Man Jokers!

This next section is a lot lighter. It features six jokers using Peanuts characters, mostly Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Plus the bird, what was the bird's name? Did he have one?

Here's two pages of  Disney characters.  Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, and Donald jokers on the next page.

This next section is the Star Wars Section.

These jokers have Bugs Bunny which is from Warner Brothers.  Plus the cat. There's several from Pixar with the Sea Witch and Lobster from Arial, the Little Mermaid.  There's a joker from the Pixar Lion King.