Thursday, January 18, 2018

Congress Jokers

Congress Playing Cards were first produced by the Russell & Morgan Company in 1881. They were one of the four original brands produced by Russell & Morgan. The others were Tiger (101), Sportsman (202), Army and Navy (303 and 505),  and Congress (404 and 606).  In 1891, the company changed its name to the US Playing Card Company. (Source: Wikipedia Article on USPCC Jan 18, 2018)

These cards are from the original Congress decks with the Moon Fairy images. These images (and this information) are NOT from my collection; they're from the The World of Playing Cards website.

After the turn of the Century, the USPCC started producing jokers with the US Congress building on it. The following Congress jokers are from my collection.

Pink Congress Joker
Pink Congress Joker

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