Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine Flying Jokers

This is the second page of my  joker collection. By jokers, I'm talking about the joker from playing cards.  I've collected for many decades. Collecting doesn't mean that I do it all day, or even daily or weekly or monthly. In fact, there have been years wereh I probably didn't really spend any time on my joker collection. I guess we all waste time.

Here is page from one of my albums where I've assembled nine jokers that each have an image that includes something that flies. I'm assuming the image in the middle on the bottom is a dragon that can fly.
flying Jokers
Flying Playing Card Jokers
And here's  a much larger display of flying jokers.

Or if you prefer, cat and dog jokers.

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  1. In the updated organization, these "flyer" jokers are now a subsection in the animal jokers, the flyers (birds, bees, butterflies).


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