Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joker - A musical theme

Congratulations to anybody who found this obscure page. I highly recommend you quickly leave this page and go to the much better article on musical jokers or the one on Elvis, the Musical King, a joker

I tried to group my jokers by theme when I put them  in the albums. The albums have a place for nine jokers on each page. So I get to look through piles of jokers and discover themes based on content, color, hats or whatever.  This page of jokers has a musical theme.

I've seen the other collections online. They are so much better curated than mine that I hesitate to show mine. Others have studied, analyzed, categorized and in particularly,  they seem to know a great about the origin of each joker and the significance of so many details. In many cases, they have the date of publication of the jokers!

Me, I just collected the jokers and put them in albums. I'm sort of a low end joker collector.

(Note that this next paragraph is really meant to make me feel like I'm working on my day job when I'm really futzing with my joker collection. Because it has references to pages on my business sites, the search engines might place those web pages higher in the search index. This is how the search engines decide what pages should be listed first. They count the references from the joker collectors to the webpages. Crazy no?)

I'm also very interested in education for kids.  For instance, I really like the elementary science curriculum of Science4Us, the writing instruction online of Time4Writing, and help with analogies instruction at SpellingCity.

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