Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Vintage Decks that I'd trade away

 Interested in old decks?  Step up and see how it feels to own a part of history. But I'm not really selling, I'm really looking to trade. 

What do I want? Old jokers or old decks with Jokers, especially American ones from the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. I'm particularly interested in wide Congress decks with matching (or named) jokers.  Contact me at john at edelson dot info.

Here's the decks that I have to trade.  

Samuel Hart NY 41  1875.  This first one is a Hart deck bought from Phil Bollhagen in 2020. A Samuel Hart NY 41 in Hochman c1875.  c. 1855.  Hochman P55. Good condition 51/52.  (missing the 6 of spades)  Single-ended courts used in Faro decks.  No joker issued as faro decks (gamblers) did not use a joker. It’s in the original playing card case.  Hochman's values--  $400-$250-$175.  it's quite rare. I bought it for  $250 from Phil Bolhagen in 2020.

US30 Picket3515.  It’s also a USPC Picket deck with an original case. He looks to me like US30 Picket3515 on P101 of Hochman.

Marguerite Decks. These five gold edged decks come in beautiful leather cases. I have Orchid, Iris, Thistle, Lilies of the Valley, and Forest Stream. They are all complete decks in lovely condition except Forest Stream which lacks a joker.  Three are published by A Dougherty, two by Abrham J Straus. 
Marguerite decks of cards

A Dougherty
Motor Playing Cards, with case

Kangaroo Playing Cards

Vintage Advertising Decks - I bought these decks as part of a big lot and would happily consider a trade for them for some number of similar aged / themed decks with jokers. These are all complete advertising decks but without jokers.
Update: Dahl House (R1:C5), Cork and Seal (R3,C2), and Pepsi (R4, C3) are already traded away. 

White Star Coffee. 

While I'm generally trying to accumulate Congress wide decks, I particularly want to get ones with matching jokers. I would trade these wide Congress decks away in exchange for ones with matching (not Capitol) jokers. I don't know the right name for the "Girl on Chair"  but it's marked copyright 1905.

Congress 606 Wide deck with Capitol Jokers
November, LaFrance, and Playmates (Not "Girl on Chair". Kevan, thanks!)

More Congress 606 Decks (I think Bernice is already traded away) that I could trade away. I think these are Whist size (ie narrow).  

Top Row: Going to Cover, A Hot Scent, Badoura
Bottom row: Berenice, Muse, Flora, (Spinning Wheel maybe shouldn't be in with these narrows...)

Duplicate Bridge - I don't know much about this but it's gorgeous and in fantastic condition.  
Congress Duplicate Bridge Four Pack Set

Other articles about old decks of cards that I own:

 Here are articles about my older American jokers by publisher (they all need updating):

NYCC jokers
USPC Jokers including Bicycle, Congress  

National Card Company and Perfection too 
Kalamazoo and Russell 
Arrow and ARRCO

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