Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sitting Jokers

Feb 2021: The section grew so large that it's been broken into two sub-sections and five sub-sub-sections:
  1. Sitting facing sidewaysCrescent moonsBird/Owl ManSideways
  2. Sitting facing forwardSitting Facing Forward or Cross Legged
Below is the original sitting article from 2019.  

Some jokers are sitting, not standing or dancing. I  just split the sitting jokers section into two: front facing and side facing. Here's a simple visual showing the difference...

Sideways sitting jokers.  The first subsection of the sideways jokers has the crescent moon theme.

The first one is a historical joke, the very cool old Moon Fairy. This Moon Fairy joker was the joker on one of the first Congress decks that the USPC published, in 1895 (I'm not sure that this is an original Moon Fairy although it does seem to match the example from Hoffman' Card Encyclopedia on page 87.)
Moon Fairy Joker
Moon Fairy Joker
 For all of you who like to know that some superior being is up there watching us, here's the joker that is keeping track of us.

Betty Boop is quite the character and we're grateful to have her posing on the moon for a joker.   I have a whole article about the Betty Boop joker, Betty Boop, and where she belongs in the joker collection.

This next jokers comes from China and is called OwlMan.  There are many variations of Owlman as you can see below.

Here is the sideways section of the sitting joker section. There are 53 different ones (10/19/2019).

Front facing sitting jokers.  The first subsection of the sideways jokers has the drinking theme.

This next seated fellow, Rambler, could have some historical significance. He could be a National Card Co of Indianapolis and NY joerk, NU& #22 created in 1885 or 1890 P 111 Hochman. Or he could be a modern repro. In any case, he has adorably chubby cheeks and a devoted dog.

There are nine pages plus a single of these forward facing jokers. So a total of 55. (yes, there are a few's a work in progress....). We'll start with the sitting and drinking jokers which go onto the second page.

On this second page, we transition from drinking sitting jokers to jokers sitting on balls or globes.

More jokers on balls....

And now, some cross-legged jokers, I think these are a Piatnek design.

These cross legged jokers are by John Worthington I believe.

Most of this next page features a joker called Throney, a name given to them by Dan Nordquist.

Below , I share a few samples of the agony of decision-making. Where to put jokers that could fit in multiple categories? The ones below are not in the sitting section although they could be.

The first one is in the animal joker section, equestrian (ie horses) subsection. He could also have been put in the musical string section or the sitting section.

This joker of the three imps probably dates from 1927. It's an old US Playing Card Joker. It features the Palmer Cox Brownies. They are in the jokers about playing card section.

These crescent moon jokers are in the crescent moon subsection of the topsy turvy section. Weird, I know. (Yes, one pair of topsy turvy crescent moon jokers do seem to be in both sections, just noticed it...)

These next few are from the death and mystical section of jokers.

 She is in the sports joker section, sitting on a driver.  There's a case for her as a sitter or as a pin-up.

The Little Mermaid from Denmark is neither in the sitting section, the nudie section, nor the travel section. She is in the joker statues section.

This last seated joker is seated in the musical joker section, string subsection. 

This post updates the 2017 sitting joker article.

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