Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Panda Bear Jokers and Cards

 Inside the animal section, there is a section - called the ape sub section - with jokers with monkeys, apes, and bears. It has about 90 different jokers. Most of it is not yet online, here is the last posting about the ape jokers (from 2019).

 One type of bear from this section that has caught my eye and fired my imagination: the Pandas! So I’m writing this call out article about them. Here’s a few panda jokers.

And here is my whole collection of pandas, all together.  So far, 13 panda bear jokers.

There is one deck in particular which is so so so rich with Pandas that I think it merits a call out.  First of all, the artwork on each of the 54 cards is unique.  Here for instance are a bunch of the cards.
If you look closely and have a sharp eye, you'll realize that each card features a different panda bear.  And, if you look closely at the bottom of the card and know how to read Chinese, you'll see that the card gives the name of each panda bear, its mother, its father,  and their birthday. Here's a closeup of two.

And now, thanks to Google translate, I now know that these two pandas are named Yuanzi and Tuantuan. I know their parents and each one has a history related to Taiwan.

Want to see more animal jokers? Here's a guide to the animal kingdom as found on jokers and organized by ... me.
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Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
Animals: Flyers - Bee Boy
  1. Cats  or  Dogs Felines, Canines. And a big cat subsection! 
  2. Flyers:  BirdsOwlsBees,  Butterflies  & Dragons . With rooster & chicken subsubsection!
  3. Horses , zebras, donkeys, giraffes. Equestrian!
    1. Fantasy horses: centaurs, unicorns, Pegasuses
  4. Monkeys, bears, and other sapiens (yes, missing links jokers go here)
  5. Animals with antlers, horns, and tusks
  6. Varmints - the small wild animals
  7. Reptiles, amphibians, sea creatures, shell fish, and others 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Ladies and Women - Modern

 There are about 60 jokers with these women and girls.  These are not the jokers with modern political European women, old European women jokers,  nor the jokers with people from the non European/American population. And it's certainly not the sportscartoon, nor girls in bikinis jokers.

I like the next pair and the contrast between them. The first one is a super modern lady. The one following it is the  American Playing Card Company of Kalamazoo MI's Rover No. 20 joker introduced in 1898.
Rover #20 - American Playing Card Company

Here are the ensemble shots. 

Here's a section of younger or smaller women.

The top two on this page are from the Red Hat Society. The Red Hat Society is a unique international playgroup for women that promotes our passion of fun, friendship, fitness, the freedom to express ourselves in positive ways, and a dedication to the fulfillment of lifelong dreams, gained all through the power of fun!

Why not look next at some closely related sections such as American Historical Figures, Modern American Politicians, Cowboys,  Native Americans. American travel jokers  (which have American sites but not people), American Women (this article), and entertainers like Elvis, film people, musicians, or Sports Figures