Sunday, November 24, 2019

Monkey Jokers (Animals Miscellaneous)

I LOVE Monkey Jokers. I've grouped them with the bears and other cute furry animals.  There are other animal sections on cats, dogs, horses, flyers,  watery reptilian things, and antlers, horns, and tusks.

This first two jokers are from the  Bicycle deck: Sideshow Freaks. I think this is a contemporary deck (circa 2019).

These jokers are from the Bicycle Monkey King deck, also I think published in 2019.

This is one of my favorites since I like monkeys and there are only a few jokers where the jesters wand does not have the jester's own head. In this case, it's a human held by a monkey.  (I designed a joker with a cat and mouse holding jester wands with each others heads on it, topsy turvy)

The monkey in this picture interestingly enough had a previous role as the character for advertising for Monkey Brand Soap.  No, you could not make this stuff up.  Check out this advertisement from the 1880s including the clever poem: 

Here's a page of nine monkey jokers. Three are gorillas. Two are monkeys holding people on their wands.  One monkey is taking care of the genital of another. Very civilized, eh?

 Monkeys. Of course, whenever I hear of golden monkeys, I think of the Golden Compass and the daemon of that scary lady.

I'm a little behind on my evolutionary history, is there still a missing link?  Would any of these jokers help explain the missing link?

There's a lot of excitement and confusion with these monkeys. Otherwise polite people have squealed when they saw the two monkeys in the middle row climbing a tree!

Here's a mess of furry animals. Why is the rabbit coming out of the egg? Who are the little folk and what are they going to do with their acorn hammers? And what about the two modern versions where it's a witch or pink rabbit coming out, attacked by a ray gun or awaited by a turtle respectively?

These are not in the monkey section, should they be?

This monkey joker is in the Topsy Turvy Joker Section where there is an animal section.

The two monkey jokers here are in the political people section since they feature George Bush junior.

These last two jokers do have monkeys but they are in the performing tricks section. 
If you're on a mobile device, you can't see the index on the side which has all the different types of jokers. Here's a quick sampling...
Cat and Dog Jokers 
Standing jokers 
Jokers who are dancing
Jokers doing tricks or performing.
Jokers who are juggling.

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  1. I LOVE Monkey Jokers.I have grouped them with the bears and other cute furry animals.
    There are other animal sections on cats, dogs, horses, flyers, watery reptilian things, and antlers, horns, and tusks.

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