Sunday, May 7, 2023

Money Jokers

 In the world of jokers, money is not that big a deal. There are maybe three dozen jokers which feature money. So, in a collection of tens of thousands of jokers with some themes like jugglers or clowns have hundreds of jokers, money is just not that big a theme.  I just created a one page money subsection in my Americana section which along with the Money Bag jokers is the sum total of the money jokers.  

The joker that got me focused on money arrived yesterday and I wasn't sure where to put him. The joker says "success" at the top and features a barrel of coins that has been tipped over and broken.   I got the joker when I bought a 1906 Kalamazoo deck in the April auction by 52 Plus Jokers and the best idea I had of where to put him was in the money section. (I paid $100 plus shipping). He's Hoffman P129, RU12 Kalamazoo.

1906 Kalamazoo Success Deck
Since I have the deck (not just the joker) and he is somewhat historical, I keep him with the other old decks that I've collected. 

Some of the other money jokers. The first one is simply a bag of money.

This next one appears to be a security guard or cop, with a bag of money. Stealing? Who will guard the guards? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
And here's a guard with a big jewel.
The next one is a banker which explains why I have these currently in the American people section.
And here's the same banker, or his identical twin, but htis time he is representing not  the First National City Bank of New York but the United Savings Bank of Cleveland.

Here's the ensemble shot of the money jokers.

Here's the backs of those nine jokers.

In the fighter joker section (which badly needs updating), there is a subsection of jokers with swords. Inside the sword section, there is a subsubsection called Money Bags.  Here's a few of them:

There are about two dozen Money Bags jokers, take a look!

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