Saturday, December 12, 2020

Small, Large, Round, and Odd Shaped Jokers

 Here are the freaky sized jokers, not organized. I'm not sure if they should be a separate section or integrated through-out. Some are small, others are smaller, some smallest. There are also odd shaped plus, large, larger, and largest.  

In some of these photos, like this first one, I put in a US quarter as a size reference to give a sense of scale.

These next ones are small too but, since I neglected to put in a quarter, you'll have to take my word for it.

Here's another picture of small jokers. Again without a visual point of reference.
More small ones, this time with the quarter and a normal sized card for reference.

Here's some weird shaped cards.

Here’s a zig zag shaped joker who I keep in the heads section. He’s one of the ones on the US Playing Card Museum’s poster of jokers.

Here's some enormous ones.  There's a normal sized card and a quarter for reference.

Here's an awkwardly bad picture which I need to retake. It's moreLARGE jokers. There is the back of a normal size card shown in the middle for reference.

More large jokers again with the back of a normal size card shown for reference.

Here's some small jokers in pages with a US quarter shown for a size reference.


Small cards in an album where I put them decades and decades ago.

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