Sunday, January 12, 2020

Cartoon Jokers (not superheroes)

I have several sections that make up the cartoon section. Let's take a look....

The cartoon section starts with a Winnie the Pooh page which seems to have a lot of Tiggers.

Here's a page of Tiggers with two Goofys mixed in.

Now a whole lot of classic Disney starting with the Mouse himself, Mickey!

Look at this artist Mickey and since he is an artist, I have him arranged (see the bottom of the whole page of jokers after this first image of Mickey the Artist) next to two other artist Disney cartoon characters.

Why are there so many Goofys?

I particularly like this Goofy Jokers since Goofy has a jesters wand (or bauble) with his own head on it, This shows some respect for the joker traditions.

 And now onto the Warner Brothers cartoon jokers: Looney Tunes, Bug Bunny, Duffy Duck, and the others.

From here, we shift to Peanuts where, in terms of number of jokers, both Snoopy and  Woodstock (the little bird) eclipse Charlie Brown. I don't know why, was Snoopy the actual star?


And onto the Pixar Section with some other Disney mixed in, Hakuna Matata baby!

Sponge Bob Square Pants along with Squidward, Plankton, and  others.

Some classic Disney.

Scooby Doo!!!

Alice in Wonderland.

And then there are a lot more cartoon jokers which aren't really categorized. Some pages are arranged but mostly, it's work to do. There is an anime section at the end. I put the next 18 pages up as a quick video (1:53):

Here's a video of the next section of the cartoon jokers: 

Here's a few pages form this section in case you want to look more closely...

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