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Alice In Wonderland Jokers

Today - March 2024 - I decided to do a total update of this Alice article and I obsoleted this one.  I'll try to fix the links to this article but if you end up here, you should click thru to here

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I found a few more Alice in Wonderland Jokers! (11/27/2022)

And here's two more that I added in Sept 2023.

Alice in Wonderland. It's always bothered me that while the story features a deck of cards and particularly, the Queen of Hearts, there is no real focus on jokers. I feel a little better knowing that Alice was published in 1865 (and probably written years before that) and an ocean away from where the joker was being developed at that same time.

And here's the back of "Lion Lady with Bird and Card".
No photo description available.

Here's the current total Alice in Wonderland Joker situation. There's 21 playing card jokers with Alice in Wonderland themes. In most cases, I have the decks. I just added an Italian set of Alice jokers with art by Jesus Blasco. (Update April 2021)

The top left and right one here are from Penguin Magic (I think).

These three were just added from an Italian deck. Art by Jesus Blasco,

Here's more on my Alice in Wonderland joker collecting.   I just purchased a fantastic Alice deck created by Prospero Art (who have lots of wonderful decks. I've bought 3 so far and will soon be going back for a dozen). Here’s the deck, more on them later (10-2020):

Here's the back from Prospero Art. Very nice. 

I just (10/2019) bought an Alice in Wonderland Playing Card Deck entitled "We're all Mad Here" created by ASVP. It’s lovely. Marked 1865 on the cover (the date the book was published), the deck might be using much of the original book’s artwork.

First, the back and a joker:

Then two examples of the artwork on the royal cards and aces.

Other Alice in Wonderland jokers: Here’s a Mad Hatter joker, front and back.

Mad Hatter Joker

The Back

Here's a Steampunk Adventure Alice in Wonderland deck designed by Juan Solorzano. There are three jokers: the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and Alice.

The Cheshire Cat Joker
The Cheshire Cat Joker

White Rabbit Joker
White Rabbit Joker

Alice: The Joker
Alice: The Joker
Here is the back of the Steampunk Alice in Wonderland deck.  Pretty good but it didn't blow me away.

 On the other hand, I loved the Jack, Queen, and King of Diamonds. Especially the queen. The detail on the queen that is so cool is the tiny mouse that she's holding.  Generally, the details on the royal cards are great.  The diamonds are cool since this is an integrated deck which is really rare.

The next picture is not of a playing card.  This morning, I opened my Alice in Wonderland deck partially because last night for Halloween, we dressed up as Alice and Mad Hatter. Wifey was Alice, I was the Hatter.   We won first prize for costumes at a neighborhood party. I'll probably be scraping greasepaint off my face for a week but it was worth it in that Wifey liked how she looked as Alice (actually, when she wasn't next to me, people thought she was Dorothy from Oz).
Alice and the Mad Hatter
Alice and the Mad Hatter


What do you want to see next?

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  1. Hi: Prospero Art has published a few more playing cards with two different Jokers:
    Bridge Size: Jane Austen Shakespeare Insults & Shakespeare Quotes
    Poker Size: Nutcracker, Native American, Lacrosse, Chickens, FIKA, Old Testament, Toker, Mark Twain
    Wagner's Ring & Posada
    Note: Our Garden & Flowers Deck currently only has only one Joker


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