Sunday, April 11, 2021

Joker Poster Jokers that I'm Still Looking For

A joker poster was published by the USPCC Joker Museum in 1991. I've written about the joker poster and my pursuit of the 72 jokers picture on the poster.  I have collected 57 of these jokers so far which leaves only 15 (as of 1/2024) more to go. Do you have any of these? If so, I'll buy or trade or whatever for them. is how you reach me. Thanks. 

Here's the jokers that I'm looking for. This first one is particularly rare so I doubt that I'll ever find it.

2C: X-Ray Playing Cards. N American Playing Card Co, Chicago. 1898

2H Adking USA for Pacific Yellows Pages, c 1960.

3D Perfecto Americana. Atlas Playing Card Co. NY. c 1925

3E Chess deck. Unknown. C 1900

3H Eclipse Comic Book Playing Cards. EH Kowerre.
First original American Transformation deck with Joker. 1876.

5F Piatnik, Vienna, Austria c 1951 

5G Steamboat (marked deck) Novelty Playing Card Co, Chicago 1935

5I Bearings Magazine (Bicycles). USPC 1910

6B American Bank Note Co, NY c 1930

7D P.B. Ale-Portlager. USPC. 1907

7E Marked Cards. Brooklyn Playing Card Co., NY 1896.

8D Fairplay. A Dougherty, NY c 1910

8E Piatnick, Vienna. Austria. C 1949

8H Red, While and Blue Playing Cards (No-Revoke deck). Independent Playing Card Co Johnston, PA 1926

8I Clown Cigarettes. USPC 1925. Last one. Finally.

If you have any of these jokers, please contact me. john@      edelson  dot info.
I'd play a pretty penny or trade for them aggressively. 

Recent successes:
I bought the 1934 Bier Smoking Tobacco joker that was at 6D. 
I bought the Bengal 1895 Kalamazoo R3, CI and the Adobe deck and the American Beauty.. 

 April 13, I got a Rodero. 
Confession: the text on mine is different than the original on the poster. 
Here's a comparison so you can opine on whether it's fair. Mine is the one with more dramatic text.
 He'll go in the seating section!

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  1. wish I could help, but I guess not...the "Fair Play" Joker is on my coveted cards the the "x-ray" joker and a couple more of these, too...good luck


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