Sunday, April 11, 2021

Joker Poster Jokers that I'm Still Looking For

There is a joker poster published by the Joker Museum in 1991. Learn more about the joker poster  , and my pursuit of the 72 on the poster.  

Update 11-23-2023. Only 15 more jokers to find!  

2C: X-Ray Playing Cards. N American Playing Card Co, Chicago. 1898

2H Adking USA for Pacific Yellows Pages, c 1960.

3D Perfecto Americana. Atlas Playing Card Co. NY. c 1925

3E Chess deck. Unknown. C 1900

3H Eclipse Comic Book Playing Cards. EH Kowerre.
First original American Transformation deck with Joker. 1876.

5F Piatnik, Vienna, Austria c 1951 

5G Steamboat (marked deck) Novelty Playing Card Co, Chicago 1935

5I Bearings Magazine (Bicycles). USPC 1910

6B American Bank Note Co, NY c 1930

7D P.B. Ale-Portlager. USPC. 1907

7E Marked Cards. Brooklyn Playing Card Co., NY 1896.

8D Fairplay. A Dougherty, NY c 1910

8E Piatnick, Vienna. Austria. C 1949

8H Red, While and Blue Playing Cards (No-Revoke deck). Independent Playing Card Co Johnston, PA 1926

8I Clown Cigarettes. USPC 1925. Last one. Finally.

If you have any of these jokers, please contact me. john@      edelson  dot info.
I'd play a pretty penny or trade for them aggressively. 

Recent successes:
I bought the 1934 Bier Smoking Tobacco joker that was at 6D. 
I bought the Bengal 1895 Kalamazoo R3, CI and the Adobe deck and the American Beauty.. 

 April 13, I got a Rodero. 
Confession: the text on mine is different than the original on the poster. 
Here's a comparison so you can opine on whether it's fair. Mine is the one with more dramatic text.
 He'll go in the seating section!

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  1. wish I could help, but I guess not...the "Fair Play" Joker is on my coveted cards the the "x-ray" joker and a couple more of these, too...good luck


Thanks for your input and for reading and thinking about jokers.