Sunday, September 2, 2018

Playing Card Collection Videos

October 6th, 2018: I created a quick video of the Mask and Theatrical section of my joker collection; Enjoy!

I updated the topsy turvy section of my joker playing card collection today.
I made a video. Obviously, there's a lot of room for improvement in my scripting, filming, and general production values.

If you would like a better look at my topsy turvies, click thru to the topsy turvy joker section of the joker collection.  Or, come visit Ft Lauderdale for a private viewing!

  I made this next video a few years ago in response to a video by an Italian magician who is listed as having the world's largest joker collection.


Here is a third joker video, circa 2017.  It highlights the section of the joker collection which has only headshots or upper body images of jokers.

And an updated joker from Sept 2018 also focusing on jokers which only show the head or upper body of the jester:


 And I'd recommend clicking through to see a full post on jokers with jester heads or upper bodies.

And here are the cartoon jokers.

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