Saturday, September 23, 2017

Animal Jokers: Horses Equestrian

The horsey section of the joker collection has 59 different jokers in it (as of 5/2020). I take some liberties in that I count the zebras as horses. Worse still,  I include centaurs and camels. I know that I’m breaking genus phylum laws...

Animal lovers: There's also the Monkeys, Bears and other furries;  Swimmers Slimeys and Sea Creatures;  animals with antlers, tusks, and horns;  cats dogsflyers, and horses (ie this one!).

So, without further ado, the horse jokers...

This section was updated 5/16/2020... It starts with horses with riders.

horse jokers with riders
horse jokers with riders

We're now finishing the section of horses with riders and moving on,

Some people have opinions of whether zebras are part of the horse family. Some people have knowledge. My Dad has a photograph of a man painting stripes on a horse to pass as a zebra for circus in the 1930s.

Centaurs and giraffes and camels...all in this section.

This next section was updated on 3/16/2019.  I'm showing fronts and backs of all my horsey jokers! There are now 52 in the section: nearly doubled in two years.

Below are the backs of the jokers above. You might think the back on the top left if the back of the joker on the top left.  You are wrong.  Think about these being pages in a book that get flipped.  #mindblown!


  1. Awesome! I love the ones that are eating the cards. My horses would do that. (BTW: zebras are indeed wild horses. Horses, donkeys and zebras are all equids. Domestic horses are Equus Caballus; zebras are Equus Zebra -- actually, there are a couple of other species of zebra, but I forget their Latin name. Equus Zebra is the easy one. )

  2. Giraffes, on the other hand, aren't closely related to horses at all. Horses are most closely related to rhinos and tapirs. Giraffes are closely related to okapis and then more distantly related to deer, etc. Horses and giraffes are in completely different Orders -- giraffes (and deer and cows) are even-toed, while horses and rhinos are odd-toed, so giraffes are in the Order artiodactyla and horses are in the Order perrissodactlya.

  3. Not even every horse lover should actually own a horse. Horses are a huge time commitment, as well as a huge emotional and financial commitment.

  4. there are some more horse jokers in the americana section.....


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