Thursday, May 13, 2021

Clown head jokers

Why a Clown Head Section? And what? My clown section got too large as it approached 150 so I split off the clown head section.  When a clown head joker has a paired joker of a full clown, I include both of them here. When the clown's head dominates the picture (ie tiny bodies), I include them here if there is a body (remember it's a small body). 
This section gets the CLOWN heads but not the JESTER heads, they could be confused.

<insert picture to clarify difference between clown and jester heads. ie hat shape. makeup etc  - link to jester head section and put same image there>
Without further ado: Clown heads!!! The heads of clowns on jokers!

In the middle row above, right side, there is a clown head from the joker poster. He is row 5, position H on the poster. A USPC jokers made for the Kreko Club. 1936. I think that is what this joker is but as I research it, I realized that I have more checking to do. I just read Steve Bacon's comments on a similar looking one next to one of his products for sales in Two for His Heels at Rubylane. 
This might be a good place to repeat that I'm desperately searching for a clown head joker, P.B. Ale-Portlager. USPC. 1907, 7D on the poster. Read more on the jokers I'm looking for article.


These next two were found and added on 2/27/2023. Interestingly enough, I found them in packet of jokers that I have given to my kids when they were young to play with back before I took my collection so seriously. They were a cigar box on which I had put a suit case lock and put "treasures" inside which included some two dollar bills, a cartoon I wrote about this being treasures for my treasures, some one dollar coins that are gold in color (Susan B Anthony dollars, available at banks if you reserve a roll a day in advance - ditto for the $2 bills), some family photos, and some jokers.

Here's another pair of jokers that I just added to the clown head section. Arguably, the jack in the box clown head should be in the jack in the box subsection of the jesters on the stick section so that all the jack in the boxes could be in one place. BUT, since a clown is NOT a jester AND the clown jack in the box is paired with a clear clown head, it is in this clown head section.  

And here is a photo  of my Jack in the box subsection of the jesters on the stick sectionThere are also somdog jack-in-the-boxes (sixth page). Note also that bottom row left below  is also on the Poster in the 2B spot. He is USPC for Barton Playing Card Co, c1960.

Jack in the box jokers - jesters on a stick

Where else can you find clowns in this collection?

Riding   unicycles.
These article which just has joker heads.
There are jester aheads plenty in the joker jester head section

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