Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Flute Playing Musical Jokers

 This section was part of the musical wind instrument jokers but it's become its own subsection and just features jokers playing the flute or picolo.  Trumpet, horn, saxophone, clarinet, and bagpipe playing jokers are in the general wind section. There's also another section that has the two headed musical jokers (but they are mostly string instruments) plus a few in the musical ensemble joker section.

The first flutist joker features a dancing flute-playing faun. Nice pair of hooves, eh? Is he playing left handed?

This example is a youthful full-colored (his clothes) jester

Here's the collection, are you ready?

In the bottom left of this set is the Muller Swiss joker which is the original of these flute-playing themes. I believe.

There are more wind instruments that are two-headed so they are in the topsy musical section.
There are also jokers with real musicians which are in the real people section. And Elvis, the King, of course has his own section.
  1. Stringed Instruments 
  2. Wind Instruments (the flute players recently split into their own section: this page )
  3. Percussion including piano.
  4. Musical Ensembles (to keep joker sets together)

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