Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Actors and Actress Jokers

 I have about 56 jokers featuring actors and actresses. Of course, there is also people sections featuring  comedians, a politicianscolumnist / writers,  and musicians. Plus sports. Of course, there could be overlaps so I do my best.

Speaking of celebrities, here's Marilyn jokers. Oh oh Marilyn!

Below is the backside of the Marilyn card: a frontal of Marilyn. Wowza!

And now for the carefully organized ensemble shots.

This first set are some glamorous classics including Marilyn, Jean Harlow, and Victor Leigh.

Tough guys (with molls)! BTW: can anyone identify the three in the middle?

007 and the Bond Girls. Plus a Man from Uncle shot.

It's funny that there are five jokers around Forest Gump.

Maybe the two tough guys at the bottom corners of this one should be moved to the tough guys page above?

Omar Sharif, top middle, probably deserves to be on a different page than all these kid nobodies.

I love the top corners with Little Finger and what's his name from Game of Thrones.

What Jokers to look at next?

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