Thursday, January 6, 2022

Jokers Advertising Cards

These jokers are advertisements for playing cards. It’s a new subcategory of advertising jokers. It’s closely related to card-themes jokers. But now, here they are. 54 jokers advertising playing cards.

I’ll return to the exact definition of this category at the end of the article clarifying the distinction between it and related groups. 

So what distinguishes a joker which simply mentions the brand or card publisher from an advertisement for them? The fact is that ace of spades is where the card brand and trademark for a deck is displayed. Mentions? ( checking…) Mostly, the ad jokers are geometric ads. Compare this bird joker that mentions the brand with the jokers above. The bird joker features bee boy and his bee, the brand name is not central and relatively small print.  The reality is that it’s a gray line based on a judgement call as to whether I think the brand is featured or mentioned.
bird joker that mentions brand

Other advertising jokers.

Other cards about playing cards
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