Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ads: Space Science & Tech Jokers

Inside my advertising jokers section, there’s a subsection with space, science, and technology.

cosmos galaxy jokers

planet Earth Jokers

physics jokers

science and technology jokers

Advertising is a big theme in joker collecting. I have it organized into these subsections based on what is presented on the joker.
  1. Casinos 
  2. CigarettesDrink and Liquor,  Desserts and Candy 
  3. Coca Cola Jokers      
  4. Cars  
  5. Public Interest Messagesspace science and technology
  6. Logo type jokersGeometric Designs 162
  7. Ads          Text based jokers 150
  8. Jokers promoting playing cards
 On a personal note,  my entire life my Dad was involved in the space program including internal cooperation so I come to this area with real enthusiasm. He was a stamp collector and I have his collection of space stamps from around the world which I should figure out what to do with someday..

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