Friday, April 23, 2021

Duplicates for Trading

I’ve noticed that while my joker website is mostly about showing what I have, many other sites focus more on showing what they have to trade.  So I’m creating a page where I will over time list my jokers available for trade, these are my extra jokers or my joker dupe or dupes. This will take awhile since my extras have not been well organized:

My photography and organization will improve. Promise. I just don't know when.
In the meantime, if you have extras and as I get more extras organized (think months and years), I'd be interested in buying some of yours, Please contact me in the comments below. (updated 11-2021)

First some topsy clowns and jesters

Please refer to the row by number ( 1-2-3), the columns by letter (A-B-C)

Topsy Mirrored Joker Dupes

Topsy - things (not people or animals) - 11/2021

Topsy Jokers - Mirrored Jokers - musical

Masks duplicates available for trade

Extras - Music - Flute - April 2021. Page 1
Please refer to the row by number ( 1-2-3), the columns by letter (A-B-C)
extra jokers: sitting

Music, wind instruments, not flutes
July 2021

Musical Ensemble - 4/21 - Page 1

 Art-Statues - April 2021 - Page 1

Art-Statues - April 2021 - Page 2

Extras - Sitting- Birdman-Page 1- April 2021


  1. Hi! Are you willing to sell a color crescent moon joker looking through binoculars? I’m looking for one as a gift for a friend whose husband just passed away.

  2. Hi John. Great blog. I'm interested in a couple of dupes you have. Please get in touch.

  3. Hi
    Do you sell any of your dupes? If so how much for singles or do you do a deal on bulk purchases?


Thanks for your input and for reading and thinking about jokers.