Monday, November 8, 2021

Superhero Jokers

Here’s the superhero jokers.

The first part of the cartoon section is Batmans. It mixes both live action and cartoon Batmans. The first pair are from a joker deck, I show the back as the third image.

This is the back of the deck of the two Batmans above. Yes, it's a Joker deck.

The next two Batman jokers are a pair, the back is shown as the third image.

The back of the Batman jokers pictured above.

Another Batman followed by the back

The next pair of jokers, I think both of the Joker, are from  Harley Quinn deck, The back is shown afterwards. I think Harley Quinn is a newish (mid 90s?) character who was the Jokers girlfriend at some point.

Now we are returning to the more classic and cartoony Batmans and Jokers.

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    1. Cartoons: Classic, NeoClassic, Modern/ Diverse / Foreign
    2. SuperHeros  , Cartoon Heroes
    3. Harry Potter Entertainment: 
    4. Speciality: Peanuts, Betty Boop, Alice In Wonderland  
    5. Anime Japanese Jokers
    Star Wars btw is part of the overall entertainment section, not in the cartoon section since most of Stat Wars is live action with actors: there are cartoon versions and jokers but they are a minor portion of the franchise. I've had to make this call many times as I built out these sections. 
    And here's a post script: in some Batman - Joker films, a joker card is shown or used in the film. These cards have been printed up as decks of just jokers. Are they real or are they fakes? I think I have five of these.  
    The first one is from Batman The Dark Knight Movie. The illustration is by Kay Nielsen, a Danish artist.

    Here's the back of the card.
    And here's a close up of the trademark notice.
    The next four are from the film, Batman Begins. 

    Sunday, November 7, 2021

    Cartoon Jokers Modern & Diverse

    This cartoon section of jokers is a bit of a catch-all for animated cartoon jokers that don't fit into the classic or neoclassic sections. I'd appreciate help coming up with better categories.

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    Neoclassic Cartoon Jokers: 1990s -2010

    Neoclassic cartoons are used here to refer to the first two decades of the animation revival that started around 1990 (Little Mermaid 1989,  Beauty and Beast 1991 etc)