Thursday, June 24, 2021

Money Bag Jokers

These jokers, recently recognized as a separate section within the jokers with weapons section, are published by Piatnik of Vienna.  But that's all I know.

This first one is holding his money bag up high, he had a card (ace of hearts) in his other hand, and his sword is sheathed.  Note the nice mustache, boots, hat, and face.  We don't know how much money he has. There are also jokers like this with 1000 on the money bag (I don’t have any of them) and 1,000,000 on them (I have one of them).

This money bag joker has two bags of a thousand each. His sword is smaller, it's really more of a dagger. He is also a Jolly Joker.  He has a fancy feather stuck in his hat. His hat and breeches are of a matching gold color.

This money bag joker has the coins spilling out of his bag. We can see three cards in his other hand. His sword is also in its sheath.  His clothese couldn't be more fancy. He differs from a number like him by either the indices in the corner (red stars in this case), the background behind the guy, and the colors of his pants, shirt, hair, and hat. Some are a little subtle.

It is unlikely that this is also by Piatnik although it pays homage to them without being a rip-off (in my opinion). 

Here’s the ensemble shots of these jokers. As of this writing, 6/2021, there are 24 money bag jokers.

money bag jokers with swords

A note on organization of the collection. The money bag jokers are a subsection of the jokers with weapons section. This fighter section has not been updated online. Also, it has grown way too large with  so I need to keep break it up. Splitting out the money bag is a first step. Further steps to breaking it up: perhaps distinguishing between jokers with guns versus jokers with older weapons. Other ideas?

Here’s six moneybaggers that are dancing (with no wands). They’re in the dancing section because what they are doing is more important than what they’re holding. 

Money bags as a theme? There's also a  set of jokers in the Americana People Joker section  in a new money joker section (take a look!) which relates to a different type of money bag types, should they be here?

And their backs:
Want to see more jokers:

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