Sunday, November 12, 2023

Display of Congress and Advertising Antique Decks

As part of organizing my old decks, I built a display for some of my Congress and my Advertising decks. I bought it online as a kit to assemble. 

Congress 606 Decks. The two top rows and the bottom rows are Congress 606 decks.  They were published between 1896 and 1922.  I'm trying to trade away my Congress decks with Capitol jokers in exchange for Congress decks with matching jokers.   Here is the full description and inventory of my Congress decks.

Advertising Decks. These are mostly from the 1920s. The description of the old advertising decks.

Display Index for the Congress and Advertising Playing Card Decks and Jokers

Top Row

Diana 1899 Matching Congress Pictorial

Moon Fairy Matching Congress Pictorial

Music Hath Charms Matching Congress Pictorial

Good Night Matching Congress Pictorial

George Washington #3 1901  Matching Congress World Leaders

Yacht 1899  Matching Congress Pictorial

Diana 1899 Matching Congress Pictorial

2nd Row

November 1918  Congress Whist Narrow Series

La France Congress - different version than Kevan’s

Playmates 1906 US6f Congress

GW on Horse US6g 1919-22 Congress

Rube 2 1900 Congress

Anticipation US6e  1902  Congress

Toboggan 1905  Congress Pictorial or Holiday 1903

3rd Row

Clysmic King of Table Waters 1880s. Waukesha, Wisconsin, WWPCM01836/03A

Brownies 1890

Pepper by McConnoll 1925

Atkins Saws

Green River Whiskies

Albany Felt and Jackets

4th Row

Lewando Cleansing and Dyeing 1926

Page Dairy Ice Cream Company, KLean Made Ice Cream

Victor Dental XRay

Old English Curve Cut Pipe Tobacco

The Burelsom Sanitarium

Bailey Banks & Biddle Co, Philadelphia

5th Row

Knuckle Down Congress Pictorial

Cheefu Congress Pictorial

Spinning Wheel 1903 Congress Pictorial

Good Night 1899 Congress Pictorial

The Old Old Story  1906 US6f Congress Pictorial

Anticipation 1902 Congress Pictorial Diana Congress Pictorial

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