Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Abstract Designs or Dragons?

Sometimes, I see it.
Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes, I think I'm going crazy trying to see it. Or for having seen it.
So, I think it's time to talk about these designs.

Are they simply abstract designs with a few hints of this and that?
Or are these stylized somewhat-deconstructed (cubist?) dragons? Is this a sort of art deco approach?Thoughts?

Here's that last one again but some parts of the dragon anatomy encircled.

Click for more dragon jokers. Here's two quick peeks....

Dragons are flyers so they are organized in the flyer animal joker section. It consists of:
- The Birds and the Bees Jokers  
Dragons: They can Fly!   
-  Stylized dragon images (this article) which are currently in the geometric design jokers.

Lastly, want to see how I put jokers on the walls tastefully?  

Speaking of walls, here's the dragons on the wall in my office. One is a Chinese print bought in China in 1982 by a friend. The other is a kindergarten art project by my first born, my favorite young lady in the entire world.

Here's the two mentions that I can find in The Hochman Encyclopedia of these geometric dragons:

Notice that the first one has the 1868 date on it. In my mind, any joker published in the 1860s is a candidate for being the first or one of the first jokers (I assume that historical records are poor and that our best efforts are not yet definitive on these questions). Given the "Best Bower" message, these dragon jokers could be candidates for being Joker Zero (ie the first one).  It appears to be the first joker by NYCC / Cohen / Hart per Hochman.  

Other candidates in Hochman for jokers in the 1860s are the Heathen Chinese jokers from Langley.

One more thing: anyone able to help me identify this dragon joker which I recently added to my collection?

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