Saturday, October 15, 2022

My Favorite Jokers

What are your favorite jokers? I get this question often: 

I don't have a simple answer but here's some jokers that I like a lot.  This first three are long standing favorites.

 Here are some of my favorite jokers, a selection made in 2016. The peacock joker is incredibly beautiful. And the jokers in the bottom left... well, I designed them.


This joker features the sea god himself: Poseidon crossing the sea astride a whale. It is from the NY Consolidated Card Co. The first version of this was published in 1891.It is in the travel section, vehicle subsection, sea vessels subsubsection.

NY Consolidated Poseidon Whale Joker

For some reason, I strongly like some of the Alice in Wonderland jokers.

 It's a hard question which I don't have a final answer for. But take a look at my monkey jokers!

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