Friday, December 4, 2020

Art Jokers: Digital Art!

 These artsy jokers are not based on traditional analog art, there was no canvas to start with (those are Traditional art jokers). Updated Sept 2023.

And here are the ensemble shots, aren't they divine?

Here's two more modern art jokers that I just added to the modern art section. The deck features art by a Dutch artist named Pim Leefsma. The project was initiated and produced by Joop Muller.   You can read about it at the end of my article about visiting the French Playing Card Museum which is where I bought the deck.

The top three on this next page: "Nokiart “Fabelspiel” (“Fable Game”) Playing Cards, Maker Unknown, Wolfgang Nocke Artist, c.2001". (actually, it's the top left and top right, the middle one is not part of the set and the real one is missing).

 The artsy section of the collection grew too large and is now organized into:
I'd suggest these related groups of jokers: 
  1. Beautiful art jokers, classicdigital, and  flowers, fruit, mermaids: 3 
  2. Card-themed Jokers (YES, this is intentional) 
  3. Mystical, deathly, and devils. Pirates too.
  4. Masks
  5. Statues - 70!
  6. Topsy Turvy Jokers
 On a side note, I also collect regular art and feature pieces by Florencia Clement de GranpreyEmerik Fejes, furniture painted by Mira, Juan Casilla paintings on wood, and more.

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