Saturday, December 8, 2018

Artistic or Artsy Jokers

Update Dec 2020. The artsy section of the collection grew too large and is now organized into:

(original artsy joker article).  There are 102 jokers in the artistic section.  They primarily are put there for aesthetic reasons, each is a work of great beauty. Many are of works of arts, some are works of art.  And most of them would not fit in any other section.

I love this joker: The four pip men running, jumping, skipping, and struggling through the circle obstacles.

For the backs of this one and others, scroll down to where I show them in sets of nine including the backs. A few seem to be missing, if you want to see one, just ask as a comment.  Thanks.

These three are by the mysterious intriguing graffiti artist known as Banksy. Never heard of him? Look him up. Very cool.

Banksy Jokers
Banksy Jokers

Here are the 102 artsy jokers (12-9-2018) currently in the collection. With backs.

Here's the backs.

I 'm pleased with how I've constructed most of hte pages of nine in this section, each page seems balanced and harmonious. The exception might be this next one. I'm not sure what to put with the three Banksy jokers so I have them with the moment, mostly with plants and flowers.

Perhaps after this art, you'd like to see some Girlie Jokers?

Or some Alice in Wonderland Jokers? (A subsection of Entertainment).

Last joker section, try the Mystical Devilish Skeleton Jokers!!!

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