Sunday, November 29, 2020

Scatterman - The Cartamundi Jester Joker

One of most classic jesters with tons of variations. He is often known as Scatterman or Sowers.

 I have about 150 here (as of April 2021) and frankly, I’m more than a little overwhelmed looking at all the minor variations. 

Fun fact: I have only once traded away a joker that wasn't a duplicate. It was one of these variations of Scatterman. Someone else really wanted it and they had a nice joker in trade.  I think about having done this a surprising amount. It turns out to be emotional difficult for me to let one go of even one even though it was a more than fair trade. 

Just updated the pages from here down - April 2021.
It's possible that I should have updated the pages before this since jokers tend to shift around each time I get a new one so that each page gets balanced.....

 April 2022, here's some new scattermans. I bought them with decks in Portugal, I think all from China. These first two are different in only very nuanced ways.

These scattermans are quite different.


You see more jokers, I'd suggest going to my table of contents which lays out the whole joker organizational system


  1. I was asked recently about my system for subcategorizing these scatterman jokers. I think I will take that on as a project, an effort to categorize these scatterman more systematically. Maybe the system will be broadly applicable to Head, the ARRCO jester, and some other jokers of which there are tons of variations.

  2. Here's an approach to a system system: Non standard presentations, standard black corner indices, std RED corner indices, non standard corner indices, holding cards, B&W, dogs, odd sizes / shapes.


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