Friday, July 1, 2011

Each of these four playing card jokers are quite different. The shoe one on the top left is from a new shoe deck. The back (see the joker playing card back below) is an array of women's shoes.  The joker carries the message that:

A Child's first steps are taken in sensible shoes that can become cherished momentoes when bronzed.

Frankly, that's a weird one to me. First of all, my kids all took their first steps barefoot. Secondly, does anyone really bronze old baby shoes? Who and why?

What can I say about the others?

The Mars M&M marketing people have had a really great few decades. Once they realized that melting in your mouth, not in your hands was not the be-all and end-all of marketing, they have personified the little M&Ms in a vast number of ways.  From the recent edgy commercials where the grumpy M&M is staring at a little pretzel that apparently is going to be stuck up inside him, to  four foot stand-up M&Ms in the supermarkets, they've been saturating us with their brand and their energetic broad diversifications into rice-based M&Ms, peanut butter M&Ms, mint M&Ms, almond-centered M&Ms, and even the pretzel-filled M&Ms. The M&M playing cards were bought at an M&M store just off Times Square in NYC in 2009.

Not much to say about the Mexican-themed joker or the spooky lady other than I really like them!

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