Monday, February 9, 2009

M&M Jokers - How to count?


don't actively collect jokers but still, I tend to keep getting them. Today for instance, I cleaned out my wallet. These six jokers were there, recently collected. The two M&M jokers were bought by me in New York and the M&M store. Now, who would have thought that an M&M themed store could possibly support the rent for a Times Square retail space.

The two top jokers are pretty common although the smaller joker, scanned upside down, is a little unusual.

The other pair of jokers are a little uncommon although not strikingly original or beautiful.

Now I have a technical question on joker collection. I would count these six jokers as six different jokers. The two M&M jokers have different color type. The others are each strikingly different in color although not in design.

Am I following the same counting conventions as other joker collectors?