Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joker - A musical theme

I tried to group my jokers by theme when I put them  in the albums. The albums have a place for nine jokers on each page. So I get to look through piles of jokers and discover themes based on content, color, hats or whatever.  This page of jokers has a musical theme.

I've seen the other collections online. They are so much better curated than mine that I hesitate to show mine. Others have studied, analyzed, categorized and in particularly,  they seem to know a great about the origin of each joker and the significance of so many details. In many cases, they have the date of publication of the jokers!

Me, I just collected the jokers and put them in albums. I'm sort of a low end joker collector.
I'm also very interested in education for kids.  For instance, I really like the elementary science curriculum of Science4Us, the writing instruction online of Time4Writing, and help with analogies instruction at SpellingCity.

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